“Brooke Biette brings a fresh modern take on quilting while maintaining that nostalgic-homey feel that we all love about a great quilt. The tessellation patterns that she creates tell colorfully rich stories. These stories will make you smile to yourself as you drink your coffee snuggled-up under one. Whether a BB quilt is used as a decorative piece to brighten a room or as an functional blanket on those chilly mornings the owner will feel Brooke’s creative love radiating throughout.” 

-Eric Klimt, Prescott AZ

“As an artist myself; with all my years of training, experience, and two college degrees, I’m still baffled and amazed by Brooke’s quilts.

Her ability to take a story, an experience, a place in time, and express it through the complex, abstract language of shape, color, and pattern in the way that she does is really wonderful.

It can be easy to dismiss quilts and quilting as “mere craft” but that’s unfair at best. Even the finest crafts people deserve far more recognition than that. And among her peers in that world, Brooke stands out above most. Not only is her work exceptionally crafted, but it succeeds as fine art as well.

It’s a rare artist indeed who can accomplish both of those things with such ease and grace.” -Chris Dingwell, Portland ME

“Having handmade things in my home is always a joy to me, but having Brooke-made pieces is even more special. She has a need to create that causes her to put her heart and soul into her work, which I think you can feel when looking at it.” -Angelina Seha, Norman OK
“I buy quilts from Brooke number 1 because she is my friend. Owning a piece of art from your friend is like having a bit of them with you always. But her passion and commitment to her creative self is what shines through. Each creation is an extension of herself and her experiences, but they speak to others in different ways. She has an incredible eye for color and everything is so unique. I want my pieces to be used and loved and passed on to be the heirlooms they should be.” -Patty Wood, Portland ME

“I have to say that in terms of your quilting style it has opened up over the year (just as you have). It has become more expansive, diverse in pattern and in colors. It certainly reflects where you are living and I absolutely love the changes in both the quilts and in you my friend.” -Helen Aylward, Ireland 

“I’ve commissioned Brooke for various baby quilts. My coworkers have been recipients of her work. The vibrancy and handicraft in her pieces have made them a unique and cherished gift.” -Julie Skelton, Topsham ME
“Brooke doesn’t make quilts, she translates visions. She takes the world in with wonder and excitement and joy, and sends that back out to the world in color and pattern. Her quilts aren’t just fabric stitched together in pretty ways, they are Brooke’s heart and soul. Her emotions and experiences and unique way of seeing the world sewn into something we can all be lucky enough to see and touch and feel. Brooke’s quilts aren’t just blankets. They’re art.” -Heather Thompson, Flagstaff AZ

“Hi Brooke, thank you very much for the recent quilt that I purchased from you. I followed the photos of it on Instagram as you were creating it, and became increasingly intrigued the more you posted your progress. The quilt is a log cabin, and the way you’ve arranged the blocks plus the fabric you chose to use really spoke to me. The colors are rich and deep and happy and vibrant! I love the fabric you chose for the back too, it’s a nice little surprise when you’re snuggling with the quilt. This is definitely a quilt my family will love forever, thank you for sharing your treasures with us!” -Patrina Odette, Denver CO

“Brooke’s quilts are such an energetic, modern take on a very traditional symbol of Americana. Kaleidoscopic and nostalgic at the same time – like rediscovering a moment in time with new eyes. ” -Angela Mariquez Vasquez, Los Angeles CA

“You always find a way to take unexpected color combinations and make them flow naturally together. You also have a talent for interpreting the meaningful parts of life into fabric. Outside of that, the quilt I received from you is vibrant, well-assembled (I still can’t believe you don’t have a seam ripper), and Tripp regularly steals it from me because he loves it so much. We’ll be cuddling under it forever.” 

-Kristin Wood Page, Orange County CA

“The most beautiful colors around us are found in nature and Brooke brings that to her work. She is amazing!!!” -Patrice Heikkinen, Maine