what does your business name and logo mean?

apriltwoeightyquilts was named after my birthday, 4/2/1980!

my logo represents things that have inspired my business – travel, quilting, connecting with folks through my stories.

how do you come up with your designs?

each quilt or pillow cover i make is intuitively designed, inspired by a moment, memory, person, landscape, feeling, mood in my life. each one is one of a kind, and can’t be replicated due to the uniqueness of my hand dyed fabrics. every once in a while i sketch a design out beforehand, but most of the time they are created as i go along cutting and sewing.

where can i find your work for sale?

my quilt and pillow cover collections are released seasonally (4-5x a year) via my online shop. i usually share all pieces via my social media during the creation process to give followers an idea of what’s coming. (instagram handle: @apriltwoeightyquilts) occasionally i’ll list hand dyed fabrics or other small items as well.

how do you come up with your pricing?

i factor in the fabric dyeing process, supplies (dye, fabric, batting, thread, etc), and time spent designing, creating, finishing, photographing, and making a shop listing for each product. my average price per pillow cover is $80, while quilts have ranged from $600 in the past and up to $850+ currently.

do you sell patterns of your quilt designs?

no, i do not. each design is different and personal to me. i am a quilt designer and maker, not a pattern designer. all of my designs and color work are my own; please do not copy.

how can i see previous work you’ve done?

i have several portfolio pages on my website going back nearly 10 years if you would like to see the progression of my personal style. these portfolio pages can be found via the menu at the top of this page.

do you do custom quilts?

no i do not. anyone looking to purchase a quilt that i have made may do so at the times of my collection releases.,

do you do custom dyeing?

occasionally i will take orders for custom dyed fabrics. please contact me to find out pricing, as it is all dependent on sizes and colors.

what are the washing instructions for your dyed fabrics or your quilted products?

all washing instructions can be found on the Care page of my website, found via the menu at the top of this page.

what size are your pillow covers?

all pillow covers i make fit 18″ pillow inserts, which are not included in your purchase.

what type of ______ do you use?

dyes: i mainly use Procion fiber reactive dyes

batting: 80/20% cotton/poly, or bamboo

basting spray: 505 spray, or thermo-web spray

do you teach classes?

i currently do not teach classes, though i have in the past. i do have several e-zines (online magazine/info tutorials) on how to ice dye, color theory, and creative inspiration + self-care. all can be found in my shop, by clicking on the menu at the top of this page.

more questions??

please contact me!