care instructions 

if you have purchased a hand dyed fabric or a unique quilted piece from the shop, here are my recommended care instructions to keep them usable and clean for a long time to come.



all hand dyed fabrics were “fixed” with soda ash before dyeing, which helps keep the dyes permanent. after creation they were rinsed, and washed in hot water in the washing machine with a non-toxic professional textile detergent with color catcher sheets, before being run through the dryer.

all of these steps help catch residual dye fallout, but i highly recommend washing your fabrics again prior to use. please wash with like colors together, and blues separate from other colors especially. 

if you are washing BLUE, DARK, or HEAVILY SATURATED COLORS, you should wash in HOT water through the washer again – especially if you plan to use them in projects with lighter colored fabrics. repeat washing again in COLD water afterward.

if you are washing lighter colored fabrics, a regular tap or cold washing cycle is sufficient.

it is recommended that all finished projects you may make with these fabrics be washed in COLD water.

apriltwoeighty quilts is not responsible for any residual dye fallout once the fabric arrives to you. please know that the dye process has been done with the utmost care.


quilts + pillow covers

all quilts and pillow covers sold in the shop may be washed by machine on gentle in COLD water. cold water washing will help seal in any dye fallout from the fabrics by helping to keep the fibers closed (hot water opens the fibers). the finished projects have not been pre-washed prior to shipping to you.

items may be run through the dryer on a gentle setting, or line dried. it is normal for a slight amount of shrinkage to occur if run through the dryer.

quilts and pillow covers can be expected to crinkle up after being washed and dried due to the nature of the finishing quilted stitches, and it is normal for them to have a well-loved, crinkled look to them. you may iron them after washing if you prefer a flatter look.

do not be scared to wash a quilt or pillow cover from the shop – they are made with care and meant to be used functionally!