dyed fabric portfolio 2017-current

hand dyeing my own fabrics is something i started in early 2017, after many years of wanting to learn. it always seemed too large of a process, until i finally buckled down to do it. i eventually felt that in order for my projects to truly tell the stories i wanted to tell, i’d need to create my own colors and fabrics to use.

continuing in my inspiration of all things landscape, the fabrics that i create encompass the same aesthetic. i began with ice dyeing and moved into wholecloth dyeing (in early 2018). i am proud to say that the projects available in my collections will be made with fabrics created by my own hands. this means that i can have 100% control over my artistic freedom.

for those wondering: i use Procion synthetic powder dye from Dharma Trading Company (with soda ash). i dye in small batches of less than a dozen pieces, as each batch takes around 48 hours to create and to ensure that each piece will be unique and one of a kind. even if i use the same dye color on more than one piece, the texture and tones are impossible to reproduce. my base fabric is currently Kona PFD, though i previously have dyed on repurposed linens.

please see the care + washing instructions page on my site to learn about how to care for my products made with hand dyed fabrics.

i also offer fabrics for sale in my shop from time to time!