apriltwoeighty quilts is brooke biette, based in the heart of the desert in southern arizona, though often she can also be found in the mojave of california. she relocated from the east coast to the west coast in the fall of 2014 with whatever would fit in her car.

having started quilting as a child (april two eighty is her birthday), brooke has since grown her passion for color, triangles, and quilting into an inspired business. all designs originate first as a landscape or sunset she’s seen, a place she’s visited, or a special moment she’s had with someone, before being transformed into a hand dyed fabric and/or quilted textile.

all work is created somewhat intuitively, with the inspiration guiding the way to the finished product; color is chosen by feel and design is led by emotion. each project is a one of a kind, just as each inspiration has been unique.

brooke has interned with luke haynes in los angeles (2014), has participated in tucson’s trendy cultivate-tucson pop up market (2017), and has been interviewed for blogs and magazines (see press page).

check out her instagram @apriltwoeightyquilts to keep up on her travels and current projects, and please contact her for custom work or visit her online shop for the latest collections.