studio + dining room tour

Jonathan and I moved into our new place this past week and have been busting our butts to get everything in, furniture put together (okay, that was all him), and to get unpacked. I’m anxious and excited to get back to work ASAP! For now we have the bones in and while there is still a wall with boxes that need to be unpacked, it is beautiful workable space!

I will likely be doing most of my dyeing outside on our patio now, but the big work table will be perfect for cutting fabrics and spreading out. We each have our own sewing machine! And Jonathan is not only a wire artist – you will see his statues and jewelry around the apartment as I share more photos – but also crochets too (you can see his work via instagram @elleraok)! I’m so happy he has a space to work and store all of his supplies. The doors on the bottom of the big shelf are great for hiding stuff that otherwise doesn’t have a home or isn’t used often, and there’s plenty of space to organize everything!

The dining room is the other room which is pretty much done, and is adjacent to the studio. Thanks to Ikea for the big table (which actually has a leaf hidden inside if we want the biggest table ever), and local vintage shops for the black table, printers drawers, and wooden shelf housing all of the breakables and special pieces. I wanted the dining room to act as a makeshift altar with some of my most favorite items, it gets the best light from our patio doors, and is a quiet little spot perfect for some indoor plants. We hope to get a bench for the other side of the table for guest seating.

2 thoughts on “studio + dining room tour

  1. I love your space; it looks homey, efficient, and beautiful! I love the wire shelf/rack you are using as a necklace holder. Do you remember where you found it (or what I’d call it in a google search)?

    I catch up in monthly or so bites of blog posts. I just read your blog post referencing your 2017 post of loss and closure. It was beautifully written. I sent it on to a friend because of the section on how others try to control grief. I loved how you explained your position.

    Take care, and thank you!


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